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Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Saxion University of Applied Science


 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
SAXION University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands 

HUNG YEN UNIVERSITY and SAXION, considering their common interest in the advancement of science and engineering and higher education in general, have agreed to build a harmonious relationship and to cooperate for mutual benefits, based on the following:
Article 1: Scope of Activities.
The scope of activities of the cooperation shall include but not be limited to:
1.Student exchange (see bilateral agreement)
2.Exchange of academic staff (provided external funds are available)
3.Double degree Program, with credit transfer (EE, see double degree contract)
    4.Final year programs are offered to students; assessment will be done on an individual basis.
5.Double degree ICT program (under construction)
6.Double degree Mechanical program (under construction)
7.Double degree Chemistry and Environment program (under construction)
     8.Double degree Garment and Fashion program (under construction)
9.Joint research, seminars, conferences and other scientific events
Article 2: Plan of Operation.
1.A detailed description of the scope of activities shall be defined in an Agreement on Academic Cooperation (Agreement), which constitutes an integral part of this MOU.
2.Both HUNG YEN UNIVERSITY and SAXION will nominate an official representative who will be responsible for the execution of the Agreement.
3. Both HUNG YEN UNIVERSITY and SAXION through the respective representative will consult one another whenever they consider it necessary and will meet to discuss possible development of the cooperation program and to appraise its success to date.

Article 3: Contribution by Each Party.
1. In accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations, and subject to personnel and budget limitation, HUNG YEN UNIVERSITY and SAXION shall support this cooperation both in general ways as well as in specific ways.
2. Each university, through its official representative, shall assist, as far as possible, for the needs of visitors from partner university such as finding suitable accommodation and obtaining necessary documents.
3. In order that necessary arrangements can be made in timely manner, special provisions or obligations relating to visits by staff or students will be agreed before the beginning of the visit.
Article 4: Amendments, Settlements of differences, Duration and termination.
1.Amendments to this MOU can only be made after consultation and be written by mutual consent from the two parties.
2.Any different viewpoints and interpretations of this MOU shall be settled by mutual consultation or negotiation
3.This MOU shall be effected from the date of its signing and be valid for the duration of 5 (five) years from that date, and may be extended upon application by official representatives.
4.This MOU may be terminated by either party by written notice at least 6 (six) months in advance. In case the MOU ceases to be in effect of account of termination thereof, the provisions of the Agreement shall be continued to apply to the extent necessary to secure the implementation of existing activities as agreed upon in the Agreement
Date : June 06, 2008                                                     Date : June 06, 2008


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Trung
Rector Hung Yen University

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